This is me…Rachelle…the voice behind this mess of a blog!! In reality, I probably have no business writing a blog because A) I am a paper-and-pencil type of a girl and terrible with technology and B) I have no time. I teach K-3 art in Northern Indiana, where I was born and raised…and detest miserably during months Nov.-Mar., when it’s usually snowing. More importantly I am a wife, and mother to three TREMENDOUSLY active and wonderful children! I LOVE Southern Living (I am determined to one day be a southern belle), Better Homes and Gardens (I may have started subscribing at age 14, when most cool girls were getting Y&M), coffee, chocolate, wine, the beach, and the color gray! Sound like you? Let’s hang out!



Here is Judd, my best friend since age six, and the voice of reason behind all of my crazy endeavors. He is a project genius in every attempt…but shh, don’t tell him…we wouldn’t want him getting all cocky!! While I am the voice of this blog, he is definitely present in all of my DIY attempts!


Now meet the littles…

First is the little mister, who is not so little anymore…sigh!! He is our first born; a bald-headed, blue-eyed chunk that I looked at and said, “Hmm…what do I do with you?” (I have only sisters, after all!!). He is brilliant, and inquisitive, and sporty, and perfect…but he’s my only little man, so I’m partial!!


Next up is our honey bear…our sweet little miss. She happens to be stoked about this blog, and is beginning to love all things creative…and glitzy, and shiny, and fabulous. She is full of taste, perfection, and opinion!!

Judd-14Finally, we have our littlest. If sister is the honey bear, this one is the honey bee…she is fascinating to watch, a bundle of energy, but can sting ya sometimes! Our littlest pig was an unexpected blessing that keeps us on our toes…and either keeps us young, or ages us, depending on the day 🙂


Now that you’ve met us, come hang out sometimes! We will try to bring some sunshine in to your day, and hopefully inspire innovative home projects you can try on your own!


Much love and endless blessings,



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