The School Market…and front door colors

First, there was the 3rd grade mini-economy market featuring clever business plans and products from all of our school’s little entrepreneurs. Then there’s our Stella.

IMG_3547 (1)

Our miss absolutely could not choose an item we’ve masterfully crafted before (and I’m an art teacher – it’s been done, people!!!). She chose the slime that required 3 failed attempts and about $30 lost profit before getting just the right formula. Then, said slime could not be called something girlie like “Fairy Dough” or “Glitter Goo,” but rather “Unicorn Snot!!” (Hey we attracted all of the “potty-humor-lovin’ consumers,” so I’ll let this one go!!).

IMG_3546 (1)

Next, Unicorn Snot slogan surprisingly stated, “Magic comes from the nose!!”…….Dear God, that sounds a bit like a drug reference. (Mama was hyperventilating – well almost – here’s where it got awesome!!!). Clever Unicorn Snot resembled somewhat of a…well, you know…kinda flesh-colored…a bit like a model of male anatomy…almost like…ok I can’t even say it!!!

IMG_3549 (1)

My daughter’s 3rd grade market project that was supposed to attract other innocent 3rd graders and make her some money looked like um, you know. Here are my proof pictures…



Oh sweet Jesus, why did their phone hack pictures need to have it all up in their faces?!! Praise the Lord Stella wanted to experiment with other colors…I was really pushing the lime green and electric blue and knocking the “peach.” I’m typically not in to much color beyond white, black, gray, and navy, but I’ve been thinking outside the box for our front door.

IMG_3553 (1)

Our home will eventually be all white with black shutters, so I thought a pop of color would be nice.


It just won’t be flesh 🙂


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