Garage Door Coming

We didn’t plan on our first project being the replacement of the garage door, but when the door is wicked old, and you have no openers, you sort of make it a priority. (Disclaimer: this is not the door we ordered – almost, though)


Quite honestly I could make it till winter before the backing-the-car-out, shutting-the-garage-door, running-through-the-house, going-out-the-front-door, locking-the-front-door routine got unbearable…but once snow falls, this momma doesn’t do outdoor routines very well!! (Disclaimer: this is not our door either – but it’s even closer)


The sales rep was a real trooper through my process of choosing just the right door (do you even realize the HUNDREDS of options?!!). Thankfully he didn’t have to sit through my hours of playing around on the “garage door simulator,” which is really quite addicting. (Disclaimer: yet again, this is not our exact door – Geez, you would think Pinterest would have an example of our door somewhere!!)


In the end, we (I’m being polite – it was all me – Judd could care less about the garage door!!) ended up choosing a carriage style to complement the little attic door thingy we have in the gable. Our daughter, the thirteen-year-old one, in all of her high-opinion, really despises that little door! But there are some things you just must keep original when you buy an existing home, and we just know that this little door will be a nice accent to everything that’s coming! (This IS our home – new door to come!!)


Our new door will be installed this week (fingers crossed), so I’ll show you the real thing real soon! Until then, I hope you enjoyed all of this “Pinspiration!!”





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