March Madness (and April too)

Just as Luke Maye scored the game-winning shot to beat Kentucky in the Final Four playoff game this season, and I excitedly about peed my pants, my sweet family and I scored the house of a lifetime (well, at least in our book!).


Maye (and the epic Laettner, for that matter) may be praising #32, but we’re living for #4, house #4, that is. (If you’re counting actual houses and not the in-between moves, because then our son informed us that we’re at SEVEN!!!) Hey, lucky #7!


Now, let’s be honest, house #4 (7-ish) could definitely use a bit of the Judd love (meaning it’s a complete cosmetic disaster – you know, the type of thing we swoon over). But the exterior appeal and the location are banging…like 3 minutes door-to-door to the school good. Since we pretty much live in those busy hallways and sweaty locker rooms, this is a VERY good thing!


I’ll be sharing our plans and visions for this place in MANY blog posts to come, but for now, sit back and enjoy some visual pleasure…and PLEASE feel free to giggle right along with us 🙂

The great room will look brighter with white ship-lap on the walls and a whitewashed fireplace…


And here’s the view from the great room in to the kitchen…


And the upstairs hallway in to the loft that looks down on the great room. We will make this loft a reading nook and will take off that door and open it to the upstairs hallway…


We seriously could not find the light switch in the formal dining room because, like the curtains, it matches perfectly…


My brother-in-law will knock out this bar counter thing and give us a nice open kitchen with a large island…


We have three fireplaces, one in the nicely wallpapered master bedroom…


And speaking of wallpaper, don’t get dizzy and fall down the stairs…


The kids’ bedrooms all came with cozy shag carpet (shown in gold here) and heavy polyester drapes…


I will say, though, that we are thankful for the solid maple cabinets (because maple takes glaze soooo much better than oak) and the hexagonal tile in the shower/toilet area…


All jokes aside, we LOVE our view, neighborhood, and proximity to things in town…


Even the dogs are settling in (and our bulldog suddenly thinks he’s a cat)…


And in reference to the “house of a lifetime” remark, you know we mean “house until the kids are all in college and we move to NC and can cheer on UNC and Duke without judgement from fellow Hoosiers.” So, 3 cheers (or 4 cheers or 7) to our “house of the next 10 years!!”


Blessings!! More to come 😉



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